Accessibility and Disability Action Information

MNR Mowers take the following steps to ensure that our website is fully accessible to all our visiting website members, on all available platforms and browsers:

To access our Accessibility features please click the "Accessibility Guidelines" logo to the right hand of the navigation on each page. This will provide you with a number of choices:

Text-Only: By clicking on the "View our Text-Only Version" link  you will be directed to a textual version of the page you are on, prepared for those who are short of sight or those using aural browsers such as Lynx to browse the internet.

Text Size Increments: By using the "Increase", "Decrease" and "Default" text size links on any page you can increase and decrease the size of all textual data on the website.

Access Keys: Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the web site. On Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; on Macintosh, you can press Control + an access key.

Alternate Text and Titles: All images, unless for purely decorative purposes include descriptive ALT attribute tags, to clearly describe the content and purpose of the graphic. All text links include the TITLE attribute which includes a descriptive summary of the pages content.

Standards Compliance: All pages on this website are Watchfire WebXact AAA approved and Section 508 compliant in line with the W3 web Content Accessibility Guidelines

All pages on this website mark up as XHTML Transitional 1.0 compliant in accordance with the W3 HTML validation project. All Pages are created with a structured semantic markup and use CSS for ease of use in speed and textual design. All CSS is validated in line with the W3 CSS Validationproject.

If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility of this site, feel free to contact our design team at